Review: The Six Sisters by M. C. Beaton

As I previously mentioned in my bookish birthday post, one of my birthday presents this year was the Six Sisters series by M. C. Beaton. Set in England during the Regency period, these six stories follow the lives of the Armitage family’s six daughters. The stories are short, quick reads (ranging from 182 to 266 pages), so I decided to review the series as a whole.

If you’re someone who has an interest in the Regency period, this is definitely a series worth reading. M. C. Beaton’s extensive research was evident throughout, with little touches of historical detail here and there which really makes her stand out from some of the other Regency historical fiction writers I’ve recently read. It gave the series a very authentic feel, and I really found myself lost in the story as I was transported back to early 19th century England.

The stories themselves are light, fluffy, and very fun reads. Each one centres around a different one of the sisters, who each are given a different label – Minerva is prim, for example, while Deirdre is clever and Daphne is vain. What really made the series for me, however, was the supporting characters, including the sisters’ father (a vicar with an avid passion for fox hunting) and the hilarious Lady Godolphin, who chaperones each of the girls as they take their turn on the “marriage mart” that is the London Season.

To fully enjoy these stories I would really recommend reading the series as a whole. Although each enjoyable alone, the real merit of the stories, I feel, is the continued cast of characters throughout, including appearances from some of the elder sisters in later books, after they have married. Each of the sisters’ romances were sweet and fun to read, and there was plenty of humour throughout.

If you’re looking to be whisked off to Regency England for a whirlwind of romance and lighthearted fun, then this is definitely the series for you!